If you clicked on this page you are probably expecting to see a long list of positive comments regarding the clinical services that I provide. You will not find anything like that here, the reason being that I do not believe that a custody and parenting plan evaluator should engage in that type of self-promotion for several reasons. I do receive a regular stream of thank you notes from clients and a good deal of positive feedback from family law professionals, in addition to more referrals that I can take. This is all gratifying and much appreciated, but the posting of glowing testimonials from clients or fellow professionals would call into question my obligation to remain as neutral and unbiased as possible in all cases. As an example, if I list more positive comments from women than men, that could be interpreted as a source of bias toward mothers. The same thing could happen if I listed more men. As another example, if I list a positive comment from one family law attorney, an opposing attorney could then use that posting as evidence of bias for the other attorney’s client. In addition, positive testimonials from clients would have to be listed anonymously, and I am not the type of person or professional who puts much credence in anonymous comments from any source. In short, I believe that the posting of positive testimonials on a professional webpage is unreliable, invalid, and noteworthy regarding the number of problems it might create. My clinical work stands on its own merits.

I will confess that it is very tempting to post positive comments when I hear from clients that they have read something negative on the internet. In looking for reviews you may have stumbled upon a few very demeaning comments about me elsewhere on the internet, posted anonymously of course. Although I mostly work with very nice parents, and always meet wonderful children, I do work with many extremely high conflict cases. These cases always involve a great deal of hurt and anger that has nothing to do with me. Custody evaluators across the country frequently become the scapegoat for unresolved anger related to a parent’s divorce and custody dispute. This comes with the territory. In many ways, the internet has become a venue for anything but polite discourse, and it should not be surprising that angry individuals would attempt to extract revenge when they do not achieve their desired result. In my opinion, I would suggest to anyone who is visiting this webpage that venomous negative reviews that are posted anonymously deserve no credibility.

In the absence of reviews, allow me to make this offer. If you are a former client and have a concern, please give me a call. We have already spent many hours together and I am certainly willing to discuss any concern you might have. If you are a potential client and you have read or heard anything negative about me or my practice, please feel free to call me. The actual particulars of your own case would have to await a later discussion when we begin working together, but up front I would be more than pleased to discuss any general concerns that you might have developed from any source. I run a transparent and open practice. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have a concern.