This page is designed to remain “a work in progress.” The information will be regularly expanded and edited as resource material crosses Dr. Loveland’s desk and looks potentially helpful to parents. Some of these resources will be most helpful to Oregon residents because that is where Dr. Loveland practices, but some of the material might be helpful to any parent who might be dealing with family challenges. Dr. Loveland does not necessarily endorse all of the content of these materials, but there are some helpful ideas in each resource area.

Helpful Links

Relevant Oregon Statutes

Professional Association Guidelines and Standards

Worthwhile Books

There are a great number of books on divorce related issues.  Some of these books are for parents and several have been written for children of all ages.  This is just a small sample.

For parents:

For teens:

For children:

Interesting Articles

Dr. Loveland will be adding articles written by other professionals as this website is developed.

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